The new salary negotiation for doctoral candidates has been published

The new salary contract for doctoral candidates is now official and published on insidan.
The most important changes from the previous contract are:
• Salary increase with 2.5%.
• It is stressed that the negotiated salaries are minimum salaries.
• Salaries for PhD candidates can also be negotiated individually.
• If a licentiate degree is delayed due to Chalmers administration, retroactive salary increase for the inte
rmediate time should take effect.
• If the employer has accepted part-time work, the time limit for the PhD-candidate period should be prolonged with the corresponding amount of time.
• The employer stresses that the individual study plan should be designed so licentiate degree is reached after 50% of the PhD-candidate period.
• The employer and the trade unions will together analyze the PhD-salary ladders at different universities in Sweden. This analysis will serve as a basis for the negotiations in 2016.
The signed agreement can be found here:
The new salary negotiation is effective from 2016-05-01 and valid until 2017-04-30.