Permanent residency for international PhD students

Students and students’ organizations have been campaigning for many years towards better working conditions for international PhD students in Sweden. Today, PhD students are still registered under a student visa which causes numerous problems for their stay in Sweden during and after their period as PhD students. The problems are not limited to the PhD students; current regulations make it extremely difficult for the family members of non-European PhD students to work in Sweden.  Recently a bill has been proposed by the government to the parliament to tackle this issue and it will be voted on the 17th of June. If passed, this bill will grant the PhD students the possibility to apply to permanent residency by the end of their contract.

If you want to read more about it, here is the link to the bill (in Swedish only).

Access to Ladok for PhD students

At the moment, PhD students do not have the chance to monitor their progress in courses and their studies in general without time consuming manual administration. Thanks to our collaboration with Chalmers, PhD students will have access to “forskarladok” via Studentportalen most probably by the end of the summer.

Outcome of the DS survey

After over 50 hours of meetings and analysis, we are finally ready to publish the final report identifying the key problems/issues involved in PhD education. The report will be available on our webpage before the General Assembly on the 15th of May. And you can expect it to be presented at the General Assembly!

As a follow up for this study, DS will have access to the answers of PhD students to Chalmers Employee Survey from this year on. This will be an important tool for us to tune our activities to what You, our members, think and experience at work. The survey protects your integrity by not resolving answers for small groups. It is important that you answer the survey and do it honestly!

Candidates for the DS board and auditor 2014/2015

A new DS board and a new auditor will be elected on the DS general assembly on the 15th of May. We are looking for interesting candidates, especially from the following departments (currently not represented in DS):

  • Applied Information Technology
  • Architecture
  • Materials and Manufacturing Technology  
  • Energy and Environment

As a DS board member you will have the chance to represent PhD students in different decision making bodies at Chalmers.The workload can be adapted to suit each member’s needs. However, a minimum of 20 hours is expected.

As an auditor you are expected to check that the board fulfills the will of the general assembly and that all economic records are in good order, as expected by accounting law, before the general assembly.

If you are interested or have questions, please send an email to dokt@chs.chalmers.se !

General Assembly

Everything is ready for the General Assembly on the 15th of May and all of you are welcome! It is a great chance to be updated on the last year initiatives and greet the new board. It is an hour dense with information which was scheduled at lunch to allow as many of you as possible to be present.  We will provide lunch for everyone who signs up on our homepage, more information at http://www.dokt.chs.chalmers.se/.

We need your ideas and opinions!

A new tool for development of PhD students

The graduate studies group at Applied Physics (special mention to Patric Wallin and Julie Gold) has developed an easy and powerful tool for PhD students and supervisors to improve the discussion around the professional and personal development of the student. We are more than happy to share it with you and suggest you to propose it to your supervisor. Let us know what you think about it!

Supervisor of the year 2014: Jonas Ringsberg

DS is proud to announce that the award for Research Supervisor of the Year 2014 has been given to Jonas Ringsberg, professor in Marine Structure at the Department of Shipping and Marine Technology. Professor Ringsberg is a renowned researcher in maritime and marine technology and an experienced supervisor who encourages and supports his student in a variety of ways. He creates an inspiring and open working environment and [... read full motivation].

PS. Future emails

Sorry for spamming when registering this new email-list, we promise this will not happen again. It was due to a change of mailing-list systems, and the settings for future notifications have been changed.