General Assembly

Everything is ready for the General Assembly on the 9th of June at 12:00 in lecture hall HA1 at Hörsalsvägen and all of you are welcome! It is a great chance to be updated on the last year initiatives. It is an hour dense with information which was scheduled at lunch to allow as many of you as possible to be present.  We will provide lunch for everyone who signs up before June 4th, more information at http://www.dokt.chs.chalmers.se/.

We need your ideas and opinions!


The Other Side of Supervision

Interview with Henk Wymeersch (Supervisor of the year 2015)

We have interviewed Henk, the supervisor of the year 2015. He talks about the supervisor process seen from the other side and the challenges that he experiences when leading a group of PhD students towards successful research. Read more about this in the article published on our homepage.


Do you see the importance of the Individual Study Plan?

The individual study plan is our safety net. It is a fundamental document for any PhD student, unfortunately most of us do not realize its importance until later in the PhD program. Let’s change that! 

All PhD students must have a documented study plan during the PhD program and keep it up to date. The Swedish Government made this mandatory for all the students as a means of monitoring the development of the individual PhD study.

The study plan is more than an agreement on the future work; it is our tool to prove that we are on the right track towards our PhD degree, and if not, we should use this to detect problems early on. Also from this document we can claim to get better/more supervision if it is not done according to the study plan. This document is really what we fall back on, if something would go wrong.

The study plan, done properly, is also a good tool to assess your progress in the development of the different competences that you ought to have at the day of your PhD defense. A way to assess these competences can be found in the Professional and personal development tool developed by Julie Gold and Patric Wallin at Applied Physics. It has been made available on our homepage. We encourage you to convince your supervisor to use this to assess your competences, which we believe will lead you to excel even more in your future career.

It is crucial that you, the main supervisor and the examiner agree upon the content of the study plan and sign it. If issues rise in this phase or later they should be taken up to the directors of the graduate school.

Keep in mind that the study plan is a document taken in consideration during the resolution of any issue inherent to the PhD studies. Taking care of the study plan is the best way to ensure you a smooth journey throughout your PhD program, and we suggest you to have regular meetings with your supervisors to check that everything is in order and up to date. Every department follows their own process for Study Plan follow up, but the result should be the same: Regular check-ups, changes and SIGNED


Chalmers Doctoral Student Guild Nominees

 A new Chalmers Board of Graduate Students will be elected on the Chalmers Doctoral Student Guild (DS) General Assembly on June 9th. We are happy to announce that we have nominees from almost all departments, but still missing representation from  Fundamental Physics and Earth and Space sciences.  We would like to have someone representing these departments. As a DS board member you will have the chance to represent PhD students in different decision making bodies at Chalmers. The board will be elected for the period starting July 2015 to June 2016.

The workload can be adapted to suit each member’s needs. However, a minimum of 20 hours is expected.

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