A Word from the DS President

Hello all PhD students! You have now received the very first newsletter from the Doctoral Student Guild (DS). The purpose of this newsletter is to create awareness among the PhD students at Chalmers outlining what we in DS are doing and to open another channel of information from us to you. Already today we have a webpage where you can access all minutes from our board meetings and see who to contact if you need advice regarding trouble at your workplace, want to know what you are entitled or obliged to do within your work, or just need someone to talk to. We also have a Facebook page, where the latest news are posted.

For this first newsletter we would like to inform you about us and ask you to participate in a survey regarding how satisfied you are with your PhD studies. We also want to invite you to our General Assembly, where the board for 2013/2014 is elected.

Viktor Andersson
DS President

What does DS do?

DS is the coordinating mechanism between PhD students at all Chalmers departments. It represents the PhD students’ interests in several key boards and committés at Chalmers (including Hogskolestyrelsen, the Faculty board, Lednings meeting, Prefect meeting etc.) and outside of Chalmers (including Swedish PhD students, Swedish National Union of Students). Find out more of what we do by reading our plan of operations (Link).


In order for us in DS to represent you better and to be more effective in our contacts with Chalmers, we would like to perform a survey regarding how satisfied you are with your PhD studies. With the help of the results from this study we will initiate discussions in various forums within the Chalmers administration to help PhD students have a better work environment. The deadline for this survey is the 26th of April.

Link to survey

General Assembly

DS will have the spring 2013 General Assembly on the 15th of May in lecture hall HA3, Hörsalvagen 4. We will offer lunch for those who register before 11th of May on our website (here). At the General Assembly we will elect a new board for 2013-2014 and inform about the latest work conducted by DS.

Anyone who has an interest in becoming a part of the DS board can send an e-mail to dokt@chs.chalmers.se. Our aim is to have at least one representative from each department within Chalmers, with the possibility in some circumstances to have two.

DS organizes two General Assemblies each year, where all members can make their voices heard and give suggestions or otherwise take part in DS work. Take the chance and make your voice heard!


DS was at CHARM to inform students about what life as a PhD student is like, how to apply for a position and to generally spread joy around us. There was great interest with approximately 50 students visiting us to talk over the two days.  

Supervisor of the year 2013: Erik Agrell

DS is proud to announce that the award for Research Supervisor of the Year 2013 has been given to Erik Agrell, professor at Signals and Systems. Professor Agrell is a flexible supervisor who lets his PhD students grow to be independent scientists. He has an open door policy, and in order to further develop himself as a supervisor he requires ...

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