Inbjudan till Doktorandernas kontaktdag 25/10


Välkommen till en inspirerande kontaktdag för fackligt aktiva doktorander den 25 oktober i Stockholm

Styrelsen för SULF:s Doktorandförening, SDF, bjuder in dig som är eller vill bli fackligt aktiv doktorand för SULF och/eller Saco-S. Under en dag på Saco ges föreläsningar och workshop om hur man tar vara på sina rättigheter, planerar för framtiden och bygger en bättre akademi. Vi diskuterar framsteg, men även bakslag vad gäller forskarutbildningen och visar hur man konkret kan engagera sig fackligt och vad det ger.

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Petition for permanent residency for PhD students

Some folks at KTH start a petition for permanent residency for PhD students. It is a good move towards the upcoming parliamentary debate. Do you think it’s a good idea? Then sign the petition in the following link:

Here is what they wrote about it:

SIGN THIS PETITION before the upcoming parliamentary debate on the 30th of May, 2012, to send a clear message to the Swedish Government that it is in the best interests of Sweden to encourage the permanent residency of International Doctoral Students.

This motion should be supported not only to provide opportunities for these highly-skilled individuals to contribute to Swedish society, but to also foster strong relationships with the home nations of these candidates; and further secure Sweden’s reputation as an internationally-supportive place of higher research studies.

Your input is needed to develop the national PhD student handbook!


The PhD student handbook (Doktorandhandboken, is the web page of the National Agency for Higher Education for current and prospective PhD students.

They would like to know more about how to improve their web page. You can provide your input,  in Swedish or in English, by taking 5 minutes to answer this questionnaire. All opinions are valuable!

Svensk version

English version
The survey is conducted in collaboration with Web Service Award. It guarantees your anonymity and confidential treatment of your answers. Thank you for your help!


Anna Hallenbom
Webbredaktör/Web editor
Högskoleverket/Swedish National Agency for Higher Education

European survey on development of the European Research Area Framework

Eurodoc (The European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers) is asking for your help in promoting better working conditions for doctoral candidates and junior researchers. Answering this questionnaire can be a step on the way! By following their instructions, the survey will take only 4 min to fill in, but you are of course free to answer any way you like:

Survey webpage

Answering the whole questionnaire will take more than 4 minutes, so
here are Eurodoc’s recommendations:
(1) I agree (opt-in)
(2.1) doctoral candidate / early-stage researcher
(2.2) (your field of work)
(2.3) citizen
(2.4) (your email)
(2.5) (country of residence)
(2.6) no
(3.1) researchers’ career and mobility (tick 5)
(4.8) tick ‘strongly disagree’
(4.9) tick ‘strongly disagree’
(4.11) tick ‘5’ for any of the categories here
(4.12) tick ‘5’ for any of the categories here
(4.13) tick ‘5’ for ‘funders want to keep control over their funds’
(4.14) tick ‘strongly disagree’
(4.16) tick ‘strongly disagree’
(4.17) tick ‘strongly disagree’