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Hello Chalmers Ph.D. Students!

Here comes the November 2021 issue of the DS newsletter, which we aim to send out 2 times a year. In this newsletter we keep you updated about changes and issues important for Ph.D. students at Chalmers, so please spend a few minutes to read this newsletter.

About Chalmers Doctoral Students Guild (DS)

The Chalmers Doctoral Students Guild (DS) is the coordinating body between Ph.D. students at all Chalmers departments. It represents the Ph.D. students’ interests in several boards and committees at Chalmers and outside of Chalmers. Read more about DS here.
More information: DS Board members 2021/22, DS Website, Contact Us, Follow us on Facebook, Mandatory membership, benefits of becoming a member and how to become a member.

General Assembly 18th November 2021

Save the date 18th November 2020. We will have our General Assembly on that day. It's a good opportunity for you to hear about ongoing changes and activities, provide your own input and vote for freedom of liability of the previous board.
  • Date: 18th November 2021
  • Time: 12:00-13:00
  • Location: HA4, Hörsalsvägen 4
Free lunch will be provided for everyone who registers here until Monday the 15th. In case you have dietary restrictions please let us know via chair@dokt.chs.chalmers.se.
Make sure to bring your (valid) student union cards (or the digital version in the mecenat app) to be eligible to vote.

Permanent Residence Permit: New Rules

Starting from June 2021, there are new rules for obtaining a permanent residence permit in Sweden. These changes have severely affected the application procedures for PhD students at Chalmers that come from countries outside the EU/EEA. The situation is currently still under development, DS is working together with Chalmers and the different unions on this issue and we will keep you updated. If you are affected, please consider joining a trade union.

Below you can find few links to additional information

COVID-19 impact on PhD students

Doctoral students with doctoral employment, industrial doctoral students and doctoral students with other employment outside the university who have been delayed in their doctoral studies due to reasons related to the corona pandemic may be entitled to an extension.

Chalmers released central guidelines for handling and documenting the impact of the corona pandemic on the doctoral studies. Have a look at the published guidelines, especially if your own doctoral studies were delayed due to the pandemic.

Social Activity by DS Guild

DS Guild organises various activities for all PhD students at Chalmers to join:
  • Upcoming event: New Year Sittning! - January 2022
  • Join our Facebook Page (Chalmers Doktorandsektionen) and get notified when we organise a new event!
Below, two pictures from the last PhD Hike and one from the PhD Hangout!

Call for Supervisor of the Year 2021/22

It’s time to nominate your supervisors to the honorable prize: Supervisor of the Year 2021/2022!

The SotY is a revered academic merit which acknowledges a supervisor at Chalmers, who has shown excellent supervision qualities and a large concern towards his/her PhD students. It will be awarded by the Rector at the promotion ceremony in spring 2022.

If you think that your supervisor deserves the prize, send us their name together with a motivation letter (about 2000 words). Please include all members of the group (current and PhD students who graduated less than a year ago) standing for the nomination. Note that the supervisor you nominate does not have to be your main supervisor.
Nominations are open until December 31, 2021. Send them to: soty@dokt.chs.chalmers.se

After the deadline, all nominations will be reviewed by the Doctoral Student Guild Committee. The PhD students of candidates selected in a systematic process will be interviewed. The Committee will then recommend the competitively chosen supervisor to the rector for the Award.

Taking Care of Yourself: Epassi and Pe3

Epassi - New supplier for wellness contribution: From 1 September, Chalmers has been connected to Epassi for handling the wellness contribution, Benify has been discontinued. This will reduce the need to report receipts and having to pay in advance.
Do not forget about Pe3: Pe3 is Chalmers’ occupational health partner and offers the following skilled staff: occupational physician, occupational health nurse, physiotherapist/ergonomist, behavioural scientist/psychologist and work environment engineer.

A Message from the Doctoral Students’ Representative (DOMB)

The role of the DOMB is to help individual PhD students with problems that may arise in the course of their research or employment. The DOMB is employed directly by the DS board and is hence independent from the university and a neutral party for the support of PhD students. Every PhD student, both those employed by Chalmers and industrial PhD students, can seek the DOMB´s guidance with any work related problem, big or small. The DOMB´s contact information can be found on the DS webpage under “support for PhD students”.
For the past six years, Moyra McGill has been our DOMB and during that period has helped countless PhD students. Soon Moyra will step back as DOMB. She left us the farewell message below.

Message from the DOMB

Thank you DS and all doctoral candidates for six great years of being your DOMB! It has been one of the most rewarding parts of my academic career. Thank you, especially, for your trust. I will miss your enthusiasm, your drive, your determination, your courage and your strong sense of fair play.

I'm sure you'll welcome your new DOMB in the same positive way you welcomed me six years ago. In the meantime, I will remain "on duty" until the new DOMB takes over. At that time, all open files will be closed. Confidentiality will be maintained indefinitely.

Warmest regards,

On behalf of all PhD students at Chalmers we want to thank Moyra for her outstanding work and support in the past six years and wish her all the best!

PhD Student Education

Introduction day: A general introduction day is held each semester for all new doctoral students. This introduction day provides both general information about research studies at Chalmers and information about rights and responsibilities.
  • The introduction day is currently mandatory! Next session: 1st February 2022. Last date to register: 25th January 2022. Register here!
  • Here is the link to last year presentation by Andri Spilker (Note: some info might be outdated)

GTS courses: The aim of GTS Courses is to develop your personal and professional skills. As per Chalmers policy, 15 HEC of the GTS curriculum is mandatory of which 9 HEC should be completed before the licentiate degree.

Individual Study Plan (ISP): The individual study plan for Ph.D. studies is mandatory. An electronic version of the study plan is under development.

New procedures for signing up to courses and exams: PhD students have to follow specific procedures in order to sign up to course and exams (different from Bachelor/Master students). The procedures in brief:
  1. Add the course in your Individual Study Plan
  2. Contact the course examiner and ask for seat availability
  3. Fill in this form: Form Application for first/second cycle course for doctoral student at Chalmers
  4. Wait for a registration email (This will grant you access to the course on Canvas and Ladok)
  5. Sign-up for the exam on Studentwebb (ladok.se) (when the exam sign-up period opens)
  6. After the results are reported you can apply for transfer of credits, according to the routine at your department.

Popular science presentation: It is mandatory to do one popular science presentation (GFOK070) as part of the Generic and Transferable Skills training. To perform the mandatory popular presentation you should have reached the second half of your studies.
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