DS SURVEY 2020 - Chalmers Overview

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General statistics

In total 468 participants, of which 162 (34.6%) are female, 287 (61.3%) are male and 19 (4.1%) with a non-binary or not specified gender.

195 of the participants are Swedish, 245 not Swedish and 28 are both or did not specify.

Enrollment and Research Education

I feel that I have been able to influence the time of my licentiate seminar. (407)

The ISP is a useful tool for…

Regarding my doctoral degree, I am familiar with the..

I feel that I get prepared for my continued career after the PhD. (457)

My graduate school offers sufficiently many courses (at a doctoral level) to satisfy the minimum credits for my doctoral education. (443)

I have an up-to-date individual study plan (ISP) that is signed by myself, my supervisor(s), my examiner and my head of research school. (468)


The interaction with my supervisor(s) works well overall (468)

I feel that my supervisor(s)

I feel that my ideas and suggestions matter and are considered. (467)

I feel I get the supervision needed to meet deadlines. (459)

I feel that my supervisor(s) encourages me to engage in professional networks/activities outside of Chalmers (conferences, cooperation with other universities, etc.) (467)

When there are problems with my supervision, …

Is your main supervisor the same person as your examiner? (468)


I feel my line manager is capable of taking his/her responsibility for my work environment according to the Swedish law (i.e. preventing bullying, stress, discrimination, etc.) (379)

I feel my yearly appraisal talks (medarbetarsamtal) are useful (368)

28 people answered “I do not have yearly appraisal talks” to this question.

When there are problems with my line manager, …

I feel that my research and duties are or will be negatively affected by the ongoing Chalmers-wide hiring freeze. (313)

105 people answered “I don’t know” to this question.

The person responsible for your work environment is your line manager. Do you know who your line manager at Chalmers is? (468)

Departmental Duties

I feel that the official records of my departmental duty hours spent…

I am teaching as a part of my departmental duties. (423)

I personally keep track of the time I spend on departmental duties. (400)

Work Environment

I feel that there is an atmosphere of openness and trust…

In the last year, I have been negatively affected by conflicts with…

I feel that … is working towards a better environment for me.

Health and Well-Being

I think that overall, …

I feel that I am not expected to work when I am on vacation (463)

I feel or have felt during the past year negative stress because of …

I know where at Chalmers I can turn to when…

I feel safe seeking help at Chalmers when…

I have worked while on sick leave during the last year. (468)

Multiple answers possible.