Supervisor of the Year Award

It is time to nominate supervisors to the honorable prize: “Supervisor of the year”. The prize is a fine academic merit for and it will be awarded by the rector at the promotion ceremony the 1st of June. If you think that your supervisor has deserved the prize, send us his/her name together with a motivation. Please include all students standing for the nomination. Send the email to:

DEADLINE FOR NOMINATION: Friday, January 18th.

After this the nominations will be reviewed by the Doctoral Student Guild (DS) and a few candidates are selected and the students will be interviewed. DS then recommend the rector of who should be the supervisor of the year.

Salary Negotiations are Done

The salary negotiations for 2012 are now done, and we ended up with an increase of ~2,3%. Of course, we think that it could have been a better outcome, but at least the raise is higher than the 2 previous years.

We have also been able to get a representative from DS in the negotiation group, which has not happened before. This year, the PhD representative came in rather late in the process, but next time he/she will be there from start, a development with which we are very happy.

Please come to the general Assembly on Wednesday if you have any questions or opinions about the salary agreement, or other issues!