A list of active Committees:

Chalmers Universitetsstyrelse, Chalmers main University Board

The university board is the highest decision making body within the university, and DS have an adjunct representative on the board. The board is consisting of members from industry, the Chalmers faculty, the student union, the unions, political background and last but not least the rector. In this forum DS and the Student Union speaks with one voice. The board discusses and decide on topics of strategic value to Chalmers.

FUN – Forskarutbildningsnämnden, board for research education

In this committee we discuss and prepare for decision-making on all type of topics concerning research education at Chalmers. The vice-head or prodekanus from each department at Chalmers are present and this meeting. The vice-heads or prodekanuses are responsible for the research education at each department. Two PhD representatives from DS are present at the meetings. The meetings are led by the vice-rector for the research education, Mats Viberg, and the meeting language is Swedish. Topics brought up in DS meetings concerning research education issues are further brought up in FUN, where DS are able to influence the research education throughout Chalmers.

AJK – Arbetsmiljö- och Jämställdhetskommitté, Work Environment and Equal Opportunity Committee

Working environment and the equality are the two main topics of this board. Topics related to work environment includes both physical (e.g., safety, accessibility) and social (e.g., equality) aspects of the working environment. Topics related to equal opportunity includes all sorts of equality related points (gender, age, title, religion, race etc.). The attendees are University presedent, HR, union representatives, student union, DS, department AJK representatives. The language used in the board is Swedish. In addition to joining the AJK board meetings, the DS representative in AJK is also responsible for analysing the employee survey results of the PhD students together with the Chalmers equality responsible person.

SFS (Sveriges Förenade Studentkårer)

SFS is the Swedish National Union of Students and “the collective student voice in Sweden”. There are 47 member unions in SFS, including the Chalmers Student Union. SFS‐DK is the PhD candidate committee (doktorandkomitté) of SFS.

Introduction Day

Not a real committee, but the DS board member in this position will hold a presentation at the Chalmers Introduction Days for all new PHD students. The introduction day is obliged for all (new) PhD, and we introduce DS and the work we do for the PhD’s. We also introduce our DOMB. The board member is responsible for the internal and external communication and the presentation.

Social Activities

One of the DS board members is responsible for organizing informal social events, and aiming for better collaboration between the DS board and the PHD’s, as well as collaboration amongst PhD’s. It is relatively new, and for example a drop-in lunch and collaboration with the PhD Pub was organized.

Supervisor of the Year

Supervisor of the Year is a prize that acknowledges a supervisor at Chalmers, who has shown excellent supervision qualities and a large concern towards his/her PhD students. DS makes a committee consisting of 3 DS board members, who advertises a call for nominations. The committee then goes through the nominations, selects the top nominations, and arranges interviews with the students who wrote the nomination letter. A final decision is made after a consensus has been reached in the committee, and the award is handed by the rector. None of the DS members can nominate, to avoid any bias or conflict of interests.

Read more (including interviews) about the holders of the Supervisor of the Year prize!

NameYearDepartmentRead the announcement / interview
Erik Agrell2013Signals and Systemsread the announcement here
Jonas Ringsberg2014Shipping and Marine Technologyread the announcement here
Henk Wymeersch2015Signal and Systems (formerly S2; currently Electrical Engineering E2)Sread the interview with Henk here
Martin Andersson2016Chemistry and Chemical Engineeringread the announcement here
Aila Särkkä2017Mathematical Sciencesread the announcement here
Christian Fager2018Microtechnology and Nanoscienceread the announcement here
Johan Larsbrink2019Biology and Biological Engineeringread the announcement here
Lisa Göransson2020Space, Earth and Environmentread the announcement here
David Pallarès2021Space, Earth and Environmentread the announcement here


Library council / REPUB

Library Council
The Library Council consists of the library director and representatives from various bodies at Chalmers such as the library itself, the Student Union, and the Doctoral Student Guild. The goal is to maintain a connection between the library and other parts of Chalmers. Various topics related to the operation of the library, as well as development and quality issues, are discussed during the meetings.

REPUB is the reference group for electronic publication at Chalmers. Like the Library Council, its purpose is to maintain a connection between groups at Chalmers such as the library, management groups, and the Doctoral Student Guild. The main topics discussed during REPUB meetings are the operation and development of existing and new publication systems (CPL and Research), as well as other issues regarding e.g. open access publishing.

The role of the DS representative in these two groups is to bring up issues that are important for doctoral students and relay information back to the Doctoral Student Guild.

Chalmers research foundation

Chalmersska forskningsfonden is one of the oldest funds at Chalmers, established to promote research dissemination and increase Chalmers visibility abroad through international conferences. The fund is mainly addressed to young researchers and is announced once every year. The research foundation is in charge of setting criteria to prioritize the numerous applications received every year and to suggest a division of the budget. The committee is composed of two members from DS and one senior researcher who work together to ensure a fair distribution of funding. Further information can be found here.

SACO/wage negotiations

Saco, the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations, is a trade union confederation with six affiliated associations represented at Chalmers. SACO represents trade union members in issues like job security, rights, salaries and the working environment. The most important task for DS representative is to take part in the wage negotiation, which is held between Chalmers and the trade union organizations SACO and ST in the beginning of every autumn. The DS member is responsible for the views and opinions of the DS board and members in this negotiation. As a result of previous negotiations, all PhD students at Chalmers are employed and covered by the general social security system in Sweden.