Before you contact us

The Chalmers Doctoral Student Guild is an organisation representing the doctoral students in the different decision-making bodies at Chalmers. Due to limited resources we can only answer questions from doctoral students currently at Chalmers University of Technology. If you have questions about doctoral studies at Chalmers the contact details at this page may be of use to you.  We stress that we do not have influence over the doctoral student application process at Chalmers. Available positions to start a PhD education at Chalmers can be found via this link.

All doctoral students at Chalmers University of Technology are automatically members of the Chalmers Student Union. Once you have paid the compulsory Student Union membership fee you should receive the Mecenat Student Union membership card. We, the Doctoral Student Guild, does not have anything to do with any Student Union membership questions. If you experience issues concerning the Student Union membership or the Mecenat Student Union card you have to turn to the Student Union Office for guidance.


For many types of questions, the president of the DS board is the most direct way to communicate with the executive board of the graduate students at Chalmers. This page always displays the contact info of the current president of the board:

  • Name:
    Paul Imgart
  • Email (click on it to open your e-mail client – our contact form is pending maintenance work):

Department Representative

For some types of questions, it is both quicker and more effective to go directly through your departments PhD council. Please see the list of board members and the list of PhD councils for contact information regarding representatives at the different departments.


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