DS is structured into eight different workgroups each focusing on addressing tasks of similar nature. Work groups coordinate themselves and can have a combination of board and non board members. They are also expected to try to recruit new members by themselves (with the exception of MaDS and NoCo). Therefore, if you are interested in any of these groups you should get in contact with them. If you want to start your own group you should start by contacting the Chair.

Below you can see a list of the workgroups of which DS is currently composed.

6DSEvents (Sexmästeri) at DSOrganize events for DS members and Alumni
CoDSCommunication at DSCommunicate with members and local councils and document DS activities
DSITDS’ IT teamHandle systems and infrastructure needed for DS’ operation
NoCoNomination CommitteeFind good candidates for MaDS and nominate the next year’s board
MaDSManagement at DSRepresent DS at CHS and other external organizations and federations and manage DS’ daily operations
MoDSOnboarding (Mottagning) at DSOrganize activities for the new PhD. students to ensure they have all the information they need and to help them become part of the student body
REDSResearch and Education at DSRepresent DS at organs workings with research and education questions and try to create the best environment for PhD students to research and educate themselves and others
WESEEWork Environment, Sustainability, Equality and EthicsTry to make Chalmers the best possible working place for PhD students and a positive actor in society