Many of our PhD students have reported problems with obtaining a residence permit or an extension of the existing one, with extremely long processing time being one of the most notable issues. We have also actively worked against the problems introduced by the revision of the Alien Act 2021, in particular regarding permanent residence. Our actions have been press releases and organization of a demonstration, together with networking around this issue within the university and on a national level.

We continue to work with this issue and do our best to advocate for better conditions.

Dealing with delays

Disclaimer: We are not able to give qualified legal support in this question. We have received this tips both from lawyers representing people with similar cases as well as from PhD students who confirmed they worked, but you use them on your own risk. Carefully read all forms you use to make sure you are aware of what you are doing.

We receive many reports of extremely long processing times. The migration agency (Migrationsverket) is legally obligated to decide your case within 6 months. If you have not received a decision after 6 months, you can submit this form to demand a decision: Request to conclude a case

If your request to conclude the case is denied on grounds like the agency having too many cases, you can appeal to the decision. The appeal is relatively simple, stating that you have the right for your case being concluded should be enough. Usually a court will then follow your argument, resulting in the agency prioritizing your case.