Below, you will find the list of the current Board Members of the Chalmers Doctoral Student Guild.

However, you can first check out interviews with previous and current members for a sneak-peak into our work and us as your representatives at Chalmers.

Boardie's namePosition and link to the interview
Maria EkströmDS Chair 2017/2018
Anna KöhlerDS Vice-Chair 2017/2018 and 2018/2019
Giulio CalcagnoDS Chair 2018/2019
Ananda Subramani KannanNewsletter mention (TBC) | DS Chair 2019/2020 (interview doc)
Francisco Blas Izquierdo RieraComputer Science and Engineering (CSE)ChairDSIT, MaDS, MoDS, REDS, WESEE
Rahul AggarwalTechnology Management and Economics (TME)Co-ChairCoDS, MaDS
Yingxiao YanLife Sciences (LIFE)Vice Chair/ treasurerMaDS
Gabriel Arslan WalterssonElectrical Engineering (E2)MemberNoCo, REDS
Angelica AvellaIndustrial and Material Science (IMS)MemberNoCo, WESEE
Carolin BehrensTechnology Management and Economics (TME)MemberCoDS, MoDS
Fredrik SandénChemistry and Chemical Engineering (K)MemberReDS, WESEE
Yiting CaiSpace Earth and Environment (SEE)Member6DS, NoCo
Isabelle DombeckLife Sciences (LIFE)Member
Paul ImgartElectrical Engineering (E2)MemberDSIT, REDS, WESEE
Christina LeeIndustrial and Material Science (IMS)MemberWESEE
Prabhat Kumar JhaComputer Science and Engineering (CSE)Member6DS, CoDS
Ioanna Motschan-ArmenMathematical Science (MV)Member6DS, MoDS
Leon MüllerArchiteture and Civil Engineering (ACE)MemberWESEE
Mustapha SalehChemistry and Chemical engineering (K)Member6DS
Michael O'ConnellCommunication and Learning in Science (CLS)Member
Athanasios TheodoridisPhysics (F)MemberCoDS, ReDS
Emelie TornéusPhysics (F)MemberWESEE
Johan UlanderMathematical Science (MV)MemberWESEE
Michail VourakisMechanics and Maritime Sciences (M2)MemberWESEE
Yin ZengMicrotechnology and Nanoscience (MC2)Member6DS, NoCo
Heng ZhuMechanics and Maritime Sciences (M2)MemberCoDS, NoCo, ReDS