Below, you will find the list of the current Board Members of the Chalmers Doctoral Student Guild.

However, you can first check out interviews with previous and current members for a sneak-peak into our work and us as your representatives at Chalmers.

Boardie's namePosition and link to the interview
Maria EkströmDS Chair 2017/2018
Anna KöhlerDS Vice-Chair 2017/2018 and 2018/2019
Giulio CalcagnoDS Chair 2018/2019
Ananda Subramani KannanMechanics and Maritime SciencesChair
Mursalin SajibBiology and Biological EngineeringVice Chair/ treasurer
Govindan InduchoodanArchitecture and Civil EngineeringMember
Johanna MerisaluArchitecture and Civil EngineeringMember
Yasaman DabirianBiology and Biological EngineeringMember
Christopher SauerChemistry and Chemical EngineeringMember
Tomasz KosińskiComputer Science and EngineeringMember
Nadja HoltrydComputer Science and EngineeringMember
Anton KerstenElectrical EngineeringMember
Georgios MademlisElectrical EngineeringMember
Julia OrlovskaIndustrial and Materials ScienceMember
Dan LiIndustrial and Materials ScienceMember
Gustav LindwallMathematical scienceMember
Elin MalmgrenMechanics and Maritime SciencesMember
Agin VyasMicrotechnology and NanoscienceMember
Anis MoradikouchiMicrotechnology and NanoscienceMember
Adriana CanalesPhysicsMember
Nitesh Raj JaladurgamPhysicsMember
Joakim StrandbergSpace Earth and EnvironmentMember
Ida KarlssonSpace Earth and EnvironmentMember
Stina MånssonTechnology Management and EconomicsMember
Gabriella GatenholmTechnology Management and EconomicsMember