The aim of this page is to provide contact information to all the PhD councils at the different departments at Chalmers. If you have information not yet present here, or if you see outdated information, please do Contact us .

Department PhD Council's WebsiteChair / Representative
Architecture and Civil Engineering (ACE)ACE PhD councilMaria Jangsten
Jannik Theyssen
Biology and Biological Engineering (B)K&B-PhD student council* Benjamin José Sanchez Barja
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (K)K&B-PhD student council* Baharan Ali Doosti
Communication and Learning in Science (CLS)--
Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)CSE PhD CouncilAljoscha Lautenbach
Electrical Engineering (E2)The Electrical Engineering PhD student council Madeleine Schilliger Kildal
Industrial and Materials Science (IMS)IMS PhD councilJakob Müller
Mathematical Sciences (MV)Mathematical Sciences PhD CouncilMalin Palö Forsström
Mechanics and Maritime Sciences (M2)M2's PhD student councilElias Siggeirsson
Microtechnology and Nanoscience (MC2)MC2 PhD councilJosef Hansson
Physics (F)The Association of Graduate Students in Physics (FFF) Matthew Sadd
Space, Earth and Environment (SEE) SEE PhD council Anqi Li
Technology Management and Economics (TME)TME PhD CouncilJessica Wehner


*  A part of a combined department council

** Does not have a PhD student council but a PhD student representative

*** Does not have any PhD student council nor a PhD student representative

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