MC2 PhD Council

MC2 PhD student council the local PhD student council MC2, formed from within our own ranks and working toward the benefit of all MC2 PhD students. Our aim is to work for the benefit of all PhD students, whether it be academic, social, bureaucratic, or any other kind of issue.

We wish keep a close watch on the doctoral student working environment, to be able to identify systematic issues, which may not be obvious to individual students, and to be the voice of representative for all MC2 PhD students towards outside instances such as the student union or MC2 executive group. We will do this by trying to have representation from all MC2 divisions acting as contact person towards individual students, and by having representation from the Doctoral student Guild, MC2 executive group and MC2 advisory council.

We also hope to be a point of contact for individual issues students may have, where the student could benefit from anonymity, support, or simply does not know where to turn to. Even if we are unable to assist with every issue, we can at least point the way forward, and put you into contact with the right persons. We are also planning to create a repository with useful information for PhD students, which can be difficult to find on your own.

Most of all, we do not wish to be limited in what we work with, and if you have something that you think the PhD students at MC2 would benefit from us working with, do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact information