Social activities are meant to improve the working culture for PHD’s at Chalmers. As the DS we think that these social activities are important for the wellbeing of the PhD student and that it is important that we get the chance to meet other disciplines in a more informal setting. This can lead to better collaborations and possibly new friends and a stronger research network.

Unfortunately, there is little time for us to organize these activities besides representing you at the different boards. We do have some drop-in lunches and possibly a movie night one day. But for now most activities are organized by other groups. Therefore, we will use this page to keep you updated of open activities organized by others to keep you informed.

First of all, the local PhD student council at your department might be organizing events. If they are not at this point, why not get involved to change this! At some departments initiatives are taken to arrange excursions to interesting industry as well as more social events, e.g. bbq or ski trips to the mountains.

There is also a PhD pub for PhD students in Gothenburg (Chalmers and Gothenburg University) that arrange monthly pub nights to enable PhD students to meet other PhD students. Popular scientific presentations are held at every second event. For more information please visit their Facebook site (

We, the Doctoral Student Guild, also try to share these events on our Facebook page so make sure to follow it (

And may  you feel the urge to organise something, please contact