Thesis review committee (TRC)

All students at MC2 must get their research and publications evaluated by the Thesis Review Committee (TRC) before they are allowed to defend their thesis. The committee looks at your entire list of publications, journal articles, conference papers etc., and decides whether you are ready to defend or if more work is needed. There is no official minimum number of publications required in order to pass the TRC, although very few students pass without at least 4 first author publications, or can show an equivalent amount of work. Multiple second or third author publications can make up for fewer first author publications.

There is sometimes a debate among students whether following the recommendations of TRC is a must or not, since there is no general Chalmers rule that requires a certain amount of publications in order to graduate. However, the department has decided that passing TRC serves as a necessary quality control of our research and is written as a requirement in the statues of our graduate school. Passing TRC is thus mandatory in order to graduate from the graduate school in Microtechnology and Nanoscience.

For detailed information about TRC go to TRC infopage on Chalmers insidan.

Wellness grant

Every Chalmers employee, including PhD students, has the right to a wellness grant of up to 2000 SEK per year. This grant covers expenses of activities as e.g. sports, gym membership and massage. To get reimbursed, you have to register your receipts at the Benify/Chalmers plus portal. Here you can also find various discounts on stores and activities, not only related to wellness. To get to the registration of wellness receipts, first log in, and then click “My benefits”->”Health”->”Register receipt”->”Wellness receipts”. There you will also find more information on which activities that are covered by the grant and what information that must be included on the receipt.

International staff mobility office (ISMO)

The International Staff Mobility Office (ISMO) offers Chalmer’s staff support when migrating to or from Sweden. At ISMO’s Insidan-page, you can find their contact information as well as information about tax and benefits, accommodation, migration, and introduction to work and everyday life in Gothenburg and Sweden.

Travel information

Below are documents and links with useful information about traveling as a Chalmers employee. You can find more information on Insidan.

Travel insurance information
Travel insurance card for download or for printing
Regulations for business trips
LRS – How to fill in travel bills
LRS – Meal benefits
Primula travel bills – Quick reference guide
Egencia – Chalmers’ travel agency

Other links and documents

Preventive sessions with Pe3 – Rules and contact information (in Swedish)
Guide to Primula – Chalmers’ personnel system
Rules of procedure Doctoral Programmes