Doktorandrådet vid ACE/ The PhD Student Council at ACE

Aims and mission of the PhD Student Council

DR aims to work for a better work environment for PhD students and promote future research cooperation within the department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, our Areas of Advance and with industry. Furthermore:

  • We discuss and work to improve the work situation and the work environment for PhD students at our department
  • We express our opinions on e.g. courses, supervision and the research schools
  • We are represented in the Chalmers Doctoral Student Guild (Doktorandsektionen) and the Departmental Advisory Team (Institutionsrådet) of ACE
  • We plan fun events like BBQs, trips, and fika us PhD students

Basically, we are here to help make the PhD experience as good as possible. We also hope to be a resource for individual students with issues they may have, where the student may not know where to turn to. Even if we are unable to assist with every issue, we can hopefully put you in contact with the right person(s).

If you would like to email the Council, please use our email address

Current members include

Ali Esmaeeli Water Environment Technology Chair
Thomas Deppisch Applied Acoustics Co-chair
Toivo Säwén Building Technology Department Council Representative
Leon Müller Applied Acoustics  
Yagmur Bektas Architectural Theory and Methods  
Uchit Sangroula Water Environment Technology  
Sara Malm Urban Design and Planning  
Janneke van der Leer Building Design  
Anna Wöhler Building Technology  
Kseniia Muratova Geology and Geotechnics  

For information about upcoming meetings, fika, trips and events, click here.

For important documents, like the statutes or previous meeting minutes, click here.

For helpful information for new ACE PhD students, click here.