The E2 PhD student council aims to create better work conditions and communication opportunities for the PhD students at the Electrical Engineering (E2) department.

Aims and Motivations

At the E2 PhD student council, we would like to

  • Facilitate good relations between the PhD students, and to this aim we arrange social activities, workshops, and seminars, etc.
  • Promote the common interests for the PhD students by raising important work-related topics and issues in discussion with the department
  • Represent the PhD students at the Chalmers Doctoral Students Guild (Doktorandsektionen) and the E2 Advisory Board (Institutionsrådet), to promote our joint interests
  • Be a reference organ which can give direction and support to the PhD students in case of academic and work experience
  • Convey useful information to the PhD students and increase communication opportunities between the local and the central level

Social Activities

One of our goals is to create a good work environment where the PhD students find themselves in a friendly community with the others. We also have a strong motivation to facilitate more friendly collaborations among the PhD students. The organization of social activities is one way to accomplish these goals.

Some examples from our previous and current social activities include:

  • One workshop/seminar based event per semester usually followed by a common dinner
  • One activity based event such as laserdome play and sauna gathering for entertainment
  • Two breakfast events per semester
  • Some other smaller events

Work-Related Activities

Teaching Hours and Course Credits: We would like to know about how the teaching duties are handled within the department. In details, whether E2 PhD students feel they can influence their work and the estimated hours are in line with the time spent on the teaching activities. Additionally, we would like to check if the course descriptions are up to date; as these documents are used in calculating teaching hours. Regarding course credits, we will investigate whether PhD students accept the rules and amount of credits applied in their research groups despite the internal differences.

Employee Survey: The council is reporting on the summary of the employee survey outcomes with a particular focus on PhD students related questions. The board will decide on further actions, based on the review.

Industrial Relations: There has been an effort to promote internships and research periods in companies for E2 PhD students. The council is expecting for information leaflet to explain the available options and clarify the policies and guidelines about contracts, salary, allowance, and so on. No direct actions are taken at the moment to create contacts with alumni and industry.

Templates for Licentiate and PhD Thesis: The goal is to collect LaTeX templates and modify them so that they are easily accessible for students writing their thesis.

Introduction for New Students and Availability of Important Information: The goal is to spread critical information, including possible useful contacts, their benefits, employment agreements, etc.,  to new PhD students.  A potential solution is a web introduction to find the necessary information, i.e., a guide to the doctoral portal.

Learning how to learn: The board has noticed that there exists the demand from PhD students about how to optimize their own PhD process,  increase efficiency, and reduce mental strain. We will raise awareness on this topic and give tools to students and supervisors to help them understand their brain type and to get the most out of the PhD studies, mainly from a learning perspective.


Women in Science – WiSE – is a supportive network aiming to inspire and encourage collaboration between women in academia and to support female researchers in pursuing their academic career.

The network is hosted and financially supported by the Department of Electrical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. The target group for the activities arranged by WiSE is primarily researchers at Chalmers and researchers engaged in MedTech West.

WiSE’s vision is equal opportunities for women and men to qualify for positions, and to make a career in academia. WiSE aims at providing a dynamic and inspiring network, and to motivate women who want to move forward in their academic careers and want to share their experiences in doing so.

WiSE & E2 PhD Council: WiSE has one representative (Jennifer Alven) in the E2 PhD Council, to enable collaborations on shared interests such as:

  • Employee survey
  • Inspirational seminars
  • Social events
  • Other activities with E2 PhD students as target group

The Chalmers Doctoral Student Guild

The Doctoral Student Guild is the coordinating body for all PhD students at Chalmers. The goal of the doctoral student guild is to improve terms for doctoral students at Chalmers University of Technology by:

  • Representing doctoral students in several key boards and committees at Chalmers
  • Identifying, preventing and eliminating structural problems
  • Becoming a hub for doctoral students

Right now E2 Representatives in doctoral students guild are:

  • Masoud Bahraini
  • Artem Rodionov

More information about doctoral students guild can be found at:


Constantin Cronrath
(2020 – 2021)