The Committee of the Supervisor of the Year 2020/2021 award has decided to grant Honourable Mentions to outstanding supervisors across Chalmers departments alongside the main award. The Chalmers Doctoral Students Guild is therefore proud to announce the silhouettes of the Winner, finalists, and the distinguished, Honourably Mentioned supervisors across Chalmers departments.


David Pallarès
Space, Earth and Environment

“David won’t settle for an ‘it has always been like this’ alternative, but instead always strives for improving the status quo.”


Microtechnology and Nanoscience

Åsa Haglund

“She is highly involved and always available for discussion when we need it, but at the same time, she gives us the freedom to develop and explore.”

Computer Science and Engineering

Per Stenström

“He trusts the team members and gives them responsibilities that would enable them to evolve as researchers and improve their careers.”

Technology Management and Economics

Anna Bergek

“She encourages us to take time for areas that we need to improve in, but also leaves enough space for us to steer into directions we are interested in.”


Industrial and Materials Science

Massimo Panarotto

“He is remarkably good at walking his students through frustrations and failures, and helping them without giving them the answers.”

Microtechnology and Nanoscience

Jan Stake

“He provides constructive feedback, adequate support and most importantly emphasises on the importance of work-life balance, motivates us to become a better version of ourselves and to mature as a researcher.”

Electrical Engineering

Marianna Ivashina

“Besides courses in Chalmers, Prof. Marianna Ivashina is actively involved in teaching at the European School of Antennas – the biggest school in the world of Electromagnetic Engineering. These courses take place in several research centers in Europe and collect students all around the world. The lectures of Prof. Marianna Ivashina are always well received by students and get the highest grades. The latter is caused by the fact that she is always open to questions and can explain complex and abstract theories using simple language.”

Microtechnology and Nanoscience

Saroj Prasad Dash

“Saroj has a great insight into everyone’s project in the group, and constantly updates and discusses individually the general direction of research. He can turn research challenges into opportunities and questions into ideas – the type of supervisor every student deserves.”

Mathematical Sciences

Ann-Brith Strömberg

“She makes you feel welcome and not like one more thing on their schedule.”

Electrical Engineering

Alexandre Graell I Amat

“He is capable of seeing the big picture and identifying the most promising directions of research, but also of getting the very heart of a technical problem helping us disentangle its details.”