New rules of procedure for the graduate education (Arbetsordning för forskarutbildningen) are in place

The guidelines for graduate education at Chalmers are expressed in the rules of procedure for the graduate education which you can find on Insidan (Forskarutbildning på Insidan). The document has gone through major revision and it has a strong impact on important topics like licentiate seminar, termination of the doctoral studies and change of supervisor. After actively campaigning for PhD students during the negotiations, we are now promoting awareness among doctoral students and explaining the new changes. On our website you can find the updated version where the changes have been highlighted (get PDF here) (in Swedish) and a more detailed explanation of the major changes (get PDF here) (in English).  Spread the news among your colleagues and contact us for clarifications or suggestions.

DS general assembly spring 2014

The Doctoral Student Guild is having its General Assembly for the spring of 2014 on the 15th of May in lecture hall HC1 at Hörsalsvägen. The time is set to be 12-13, and free lunch will be provided for anyone who register here before the 11th of May.

At the meeting, a new board will be elected and the activities of DS 2013/2014 will be accounted for. If you have an interest in engaging in the DS Board, please send an e-mail to

See you on the 15th of May!

Supervisor of the year 2014: Jonas Ringsberg

DS is proud to announce that the award for Research Supervisor of the Year 2014 has been given to Jonas Ringsberg, professor in Marine Structure at the Department of Shipping and Marine Technology. Professor Ringsberg is a renowned researcher in maritime and marine technology and an experienced supervisor who encourages and supports his student in a variety of ways. He creates an inspiring and open working environment and encourages students to collaborate with other PhD students who work within a different field. He promotes interdisciplinary and cross disciplinary collaborations among PhD students and this approach is highly appreciated by his students and also the academia community. To read the full motivation, please click the link Jonas_Ringsberg.