Are you satisfied with your PhD studies?

This question lies at the heart of our organization and actively drives us each day. Just half a year ago, we sent out a survey on the topic to get in touch with as many of you as possible. As it turned out, 70% of the PhD students answering our survey are satisfied with their time at Chalmers. The fact that many of you are enjoying your time at Chalmers makes us happy, and we would like to understand more about what is that makes your working life at Chalmers as good as you perceive it.

What about the other 30%?

It is unacceptable that so many students struggle with their daily life at work. Our vision is that everyone should find their time at Chalmers meaningful and enriching. We are analyzing the survey statistics and comments, based on which we would like to identify aspects that need improvement and immediate action.

General Assembly

Everything is ready for the General Assembly on the 9th of December and all of you are welcome! It is a great chance to get to know and meet your representatives and involve yourselves in the running activities. You will be updated on the outcome of the survey and the last salary negotiations. Furthermore, we will take up the important issue of visas for non-European students. It is an hour-long session, dense with information, which is scheduled at lunch to allow as many of you to be present. We will provide lunch for everyone who signs up on our homepage. More information is available at http://www.dokt.chs.chalmers.se/.

We need your participation and inputs!

Supervisor of the Year Award

It is time to nominate your supervisor to the honorable prize: “Supervisor of the year”. The prize is a fine academic merit and it will be awarded by the rector at the promotion ceremony on the 1st of June 2014. If you think that your supervisor deserves the prize, send us his/her name along with a motivation letter. Please include all the students standing for the nomination.

Send the email to: dokt@chs.chalmers.se

DEADLINE FOR NOMINATION: Sunday, January 26th.

After this deadline the nominations will be reviewed by the Doctoral Student (DS) Guild and a few candidates will be selected who will be interviewed along with the respective standing students. The DS will then recommend the supervisor of the year to the rector.

PhD pubs

A dedicated and active group of PhD students drives gatherings where PhD students can meet, network and listen to interesting presentations. We are more than happy to promote their initiative and spread the last call:

Hej fellow researchers!

How does Facebook know that you know that girl from innebandy?! Who else knows, what more do they know, and more importantly, should you care? Please join us for a PhD pub in Haket on December 5th to find out! I'm a PhD student of Computer Security, and will show you a little bit what happens behind the scenes in your web browser. It might be scary, so bring your tinfoil hats if you like, but hopefully I will also convince you that you can take control of your information in rather simple ways.

There's good food and a big selection of delicious beers at Haket, see http://www.haketpub.se/ for the menu. We meet up on December 5th around 18:30 and the presentation will start at 19:00. Please register at the following Doodle. Haket would also like to know who intends to eat, so they can prepare the kitchen appropriately.


After the presentation and hopefully a lively discussion, Peer Schouten will feed us some tunes!

See you there!