Everything a doctoral candidate needs to know on labor rights 

What rights do you as PhD-candidate have and what are the benefits of being member of a trade union? 

DS (Chalmers Doctoral Student Guild), the trade union confederation Saco and ST (The Union of Civil Servants) want to invite all PhD-candidates at Chalmers to a lunch seminar on labor rights.

Venue: Palmstedtsalen, Chalmers kårhus, Teknologgården 2, campus Johanneberg.

November 11th at 12:00. 

All PhD-candidates that have signed up for the introduction day are welcome to stay in Palmstedtsalen for this seminar. In additional there are 30 extra seats. You do not have to sign up, the extra seats are available on first come, first served.

A light lunch will be provided for the participants.  

The participants should gain general knowledge of the following issues:

• Significance of trade unions and collective agreements in Sweden

• Social Security issues, such as parental leave benefit and sick pay

• Unemployment benefit, unemployment insurance and Security Foundation

• Swedish pension system

• Legal framework for doctoral candidates in higher education

• Different roles of supervisor, examiner and manager

• Difference between a salaried and a stipend-funded doctoral position



Are you looking forward to nominating your supervisor for "The Supervisor of the Year Award 2015/2016"?

It’s time for PhD students to nominate their supervisors to the honorable prize: “Supervisor of the Year“, a prize that acknowledges a supervisor at Chalmers, who has shown excellent supervision qualities and a large concern towards his/her PhD students.

If you think that your supervisor deserves the prize, send us his/her name together with a motivation letter, recommended 1-3 pages. Please include all member of the group (current and graduated PhD students less than a year) standing for the nomination. Remember that the prize is assigned to main-supervisors, but if he/she co-supervise other students they can be included in the application.

Nominations are open from 13th October – 15th November 2015.

Send in your nominations to our email id: supervisor2016@dokt.chs.chalmers.se

 After the deadline, all nominations will be reviewed by the Doctoral Student Guild (DS). Few applications will be selected followed by an interview of the research group. The decision of the awarded candidate will be made based on this. This academic merit awarded by DS will be handed to the ‘Supervisor of the Year’ by the rector at the promotion ceremony in May 2016.


Book the date for General Assembly in December!

Everything is getting ready for the General Assembly and all of you are welcome! It is a great chance to be updated on the last year initiatives. It is an hour dense with information, which is scheduled at lunch to allow as many of you as possible to be present.

Find more information about DS at http://www.dokt.chs.chalmers.se/

Date : 17th of December, 12:00-13:00

Place : HA1, Hörsalsvägen 4, Gothenburg

We need your ideas and opinions!


Representative in UHR (Universitets- och högskolerådet)

SFS-DK is searching for a representative in UHR (Universitets- och högskolerådet). It is one meeting/semester. Is there any of you that are interested?

More information can be found here: http://sfs.se/studentrepresentant/kommunikationsintresserad-forskarstuderande-till-referensgrupp-hos-uhr


CHARM 2016

One of Sweden's leading career fairs with around 120 exhibitors from industry takes place on 2nd and 3rd of February 2016. DS members will be there as representatives for the graduate student programs at Chalmers. The CHARM organizing committee has the aim to place the DS-booth in a 'research corner' together with industry representatives that have an interest of hiring PhDs.

Come and explore your future opportunities at the fair!



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