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Courses at GU and Chalmers

Students at Chalmers are free to take courses at Goteborg University (and vice versa)



Research misconduct suspicion

DS would like to bring into light the ways you can turn into, in case a PhD student suspects that research misconduct is happening in one’s project or group. A PhD student:

1. Can contact the DOMB, Moyra McDill, for help and advise.

2. Should report suspicion to the rector (President of Chalmers University of Technology) at

More information can be found on Insidan, in Swedish and in English.

3. Can contact Committee on Ethics and Research Misconduct for the misconduct in Chalmers, more info in Swedish and English.

4. Can contact Legal advisors (if needed) in the management group – Swedish link. Contact: Merje Berzins,

More info in:


To communicate effectively we need to learn about other working environments"

DS caught up with Director of General and Transferable Skills studies - Britt-Marie Andersson

What do you see PhD students lack when they move to work sectors?

I hesitate to look at PhD students as one collective of people that needs something. We all are different with different dreams and options and my belief is that we should start from our self and make plans for the future in relation with our surrounding environment but perhaps not “on-demand” by the surrounding world.

Here you can read the full interview with Britt-Marie by our Board member Sankar Menon:


Research Supervisor of the year 2015/2016

The Chalmers University of Technology Award for Research Supervisor of the Year 2016 is given to Martin Andersson, Associate Professor at the department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

As a supervisor, Martin emerges for his relation-oriented leadership that creates a dynamic and cohesive environment. He is focused on the professional and personal development of his PhDs encouraging the discussions upon all the aspects of the PhD process, and is actively seeking feedback from his students to improve his supervision. Martin facilitates students’ networking with other high-regarded research institutes, and encourages them to play a role in the international community.

In summary, Martin Andersson is a competent supervisor who leads his PhDs with dedication and enthusiasm towards high quality research. He inspires his PhD students, and we hope that with this prize, other supervisors and researches can be inspired in their role.


Nomination for the Next Supervisor of the year - 2016/2017

It’s time for PhD students to nominate their supervisors to the honorable prize of “Supervisor of the Year“, a prize that acknowledges supervisor at Chalmers, who has shown excellent supervision qualities and a large concern towards his/her PhD students.

• If you think that your supervisor deserves the prize, send us his/her name together with a motivation letter, recommended 1-3 pages.

• Please include all member of the group (current and graduated PhD students less than a year) standing for the nomination.

• Remember that the prize is assigned to main-supervisors, but if he/she co-supervises other students they can be included in the application.

Nominations are open until November 28, 2016.
Send to:

The award is presented by to the winner by the President of Chalmers University of Technology, Stefan Bengtsson.


Evaluate your doctoral studies and make a difference for all PhD students in Sweden!

Chalmers University Student Union is a member of the Swedish National Union of Students [SFS], PhD Student Committee (SFS Doktorandkommitté), who work to influence the quality of PhD studies in Sweden. SFS organizes 47 student unions and represents approximately 275 000 students and PhD students. SFS’ main task is to represent and promote the members' interests in education, research and student welfare issues at the national level.

SFS-DK want your opinions about your doctoral studies to improve your situation. The survey take less than 10 minutes to fill (we have tested it). It will help SFS-DK to get a picture of what the situation looks like for PhD students in Sweden and what issues that are the most important to work with. Your replies will therefore be helpful and form the basis for their advocacy work!

Link to the survey

SFS-DK thank you and hope that you can share the link to the survey with your fellow PhD students.


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