Welcome to the 6th pub meeting of the PhD student network in Göteborg!

We will meet on December 7 (next Wednesday!) at 18.30 at Rumpan Bar, Linnégatan 38b.

This meeting will be hosted by David Bryngelsson and Niclas Mattsson at the department of Energy and Environment at Chalmers. The theme is inspired by the ongoing climate summit in Durban. We plan to give a short introduction to the basics of climate change, discuss the challenges we face and why it is so hard to reach international agreement, and finally show you how we can change our energy system to deal with the problem.

Please RSVP by e-mail to Niclas, niclas@chalmers.se, and pre-order food from the following menu if you wish to eat. There is a limit to how many people we can squeeze in, so sign up quickly (and please cancel by e-mail if you get other plans)!

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David & Niclas

DS General Assembly

The General Assembly for The Doctoral Student Guild will be held on Dec 6, 12.00-13.00 in Scaniasalen, Student Union Building, Johanneberg. DS will serve you lunch if you register before Dec 1. At the meeting the DS board will inform you of some current issues for PhD students, such as the generic skills course package that will be introduced at Chalmers, VISA issues for international PhD students, and we will also showcase our new web site. The meeting will also discuss the question of freedom from liability for last year’s board. The DS board has prepared a proposal for new statutes for the organization, so please take the time to read the few pages before the meeting so that we can have a good discussion on the matter!

Please click on the link to download the full final agenda and the material available before the meeting. Note that the material has now been updated (Dec 1).

Updated final agenda DS GA Dec 6

See you at the meeting!

Chairman of the DS board