Good news from Migrationsverket!!

“A doctoral student can now obtain a residence permit valid for two years at a time provided that all conditions, such as supply, are met. This is not only a first application for a residence permit, but also means that a doctoral student who applies for extension have the opportunity to apply for and receive a two-year residence permit for studies.The revised practice also applies to co-applicants to PhD.”

The news, in Swedish unfortunately, are presented here

KUL, conference on teaching and learning, at Chalmers the 12th of January in the student union house at campus Johanneberg!

This year including several sessions highly relevant for us PhD students! Sign up before 9th of January and get fika, lunch and lots of interesting presentations and discussions, free of charge.

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Highlights for PhD’s:

Session 3, 13.30 – 14.30: Supervision to promote learning, presentation and interactive discussions featuring 3 of Chalmers previous Supervisor of the Year awardees (Martin Andersson, Erik Agrell, Henk Wymeersch) and 3 PhD students from Chalmers Doctoral student guild board (Elke Miedema, Anna Köhler, Naghmeh Taghavi). (Moderator Sofia Månsson)

Session 2, 11.30-12-30: Academic socialization; a discussion on help and supporting during different phases of being a doctoral student in order to maintain focus on academic achievements and quality. (Karin Ekman)

Session 1, 10.20 – 11.20: Tools for improving communication, co-acting and feedback skills in a master-level project course. (Lena Peterson)