In collaboration with our amazing friends at Rotary we will cohost a pub for the pub crawl at their place on Thursday 18th of January from 18:00 to 00:00.

You can come visit us at the top of the hill with the water tower on Richertsgatan 2b. The event will be open only for Chalmers students and we will serve some appropriately themed food including some special dishes and some special shots along with a wide variety of beer and drinks. Do not forget to bring your physical photo-id and your Chalmers student card on your phone.

Furthermore, our Co-Chair Rahul Aggarwal will organize a visit to the pubs for all of the PhDs who want to join. He will be at 17:30 at Wijkanders with a signboard until 18:00 and then decide with those who join on the next move. He will also make sure you come visit our open pub at some point.

You can find further details on the CHS website and on Rotary’s Facebook page.

Finally we at DS would like to thank all of the students who drive Rotary daily for helping us make this possible.