The Doctoral Student Board at Chalmers University of Technology has decided to grant the Supervisor of the Year 2022-23 Award to Johan Stahre. Johan is a Full Professor at the Production Systems division in the Department of Industrial and Materials Science.

Johan is a joyful and caring supervisor. He strives to understand others, and he is eager to learn about leadership and inclusion. Johan earns the trust of his students by listening and supporting them, but also by showing them that he trusts them. He cares and pays attention to his students needs in different stages of their PhD and adapts his leadership style. He is uplifting and encouraging when they doubt themselves. He helps them put their research into context when they cannot see the importance of their own work. He is very open to feedback and very good at giving constructive criticism.

Johan is a team player and understands the power of diversity. Therefore, he keeps it mind when recruiting new people for his team. In his experience, diverse teams are highly creative and productive. As a leader, he tries to understand the different challenges that people with various backgrounds may face and he supports them differently. He believes that an important part of supervision is to understand the person behind the student.