Ida-Maja Hassellöv

Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences

“She is inclusive, supportive, challenges you (and herself), and it is really inspiring to work with her. I admire and appreciate her unwavering ethics her constant strive for excellent and fit for purpose research , and her sincere consideration for the people she works with.”


Samuel Lara-Avila

Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience

“His scientific engagement and creativity inspire us to work together on our research problems, and his great sense of humor and compassion promotes a sense of community that extends beyond the lab.”

Marcus Wilhelmsson

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

“From group management to involvement in external projects Marcus demonstrates a level of dedication that goes beyond the ordinary. Altogether, Marcus is not only a supervisor; he is a mentor, advocate, and also a friend.”


Ala Arvidsson

Department of Technology Management and Economics

“One can feel that she has been a doctoral student once, she understands the hardships, and she puts her experience into providing answers or guidance that helps one understand these hardships and address them in a positive manner.”

Magnus Almgren

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

“Magnus will always find time for a short chat or a long meeting when his PhDs need it. His advice is always accurate and clear and shows a great empathy along with clear understanding of the inner workings of academia and society.”

Nikolce Murgovski

Department of Electrical Engineering

“Throughout all years of my PhD, Nikolce has consistently demonstrated flexibility with meeting times, active engagement and contagious excitement for our research endeavors, and a genuine concern for the future and career of all students under their supervision.”

Anna Ström

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

“Anna is not just an exceptional supervisor but a mentor who genuinely invests in her students’ growth. Whenever I felt my research was getting out of my hands, she was ready to give the bridle back to me and help me walk through the highs and lows of this experience.”

Umberto Picchini

Department of Mathematical Sciences

“Dr. Picchini is a mentor in the truest sense. His approach to supervision is characterized by a unique blend of inspiration, support, and intellectual challenge. His ability to offer clear, insightful ideas while encouraging independent thought has been instrumental in my development as a researcher.”

Fredrik Johansson

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

“What makes Fredrik stand out is his commitment to us as growing researchers. By sharing his own experience and knowledge, he allows us to develop our own techniques and problem-solving approaches. He is always welcoming and cares about your personal well-being as well as your professional progress.”

Karine Le Bail

Department of Space, Earth and Environment

“I know that I can always ask Karine for support. But she is just as open to my views and ideas, and leaves the final decision to me as to what should be done, how and when. Karine’s unconditional support in all matters, as well as her concern for my personal well-being, make her the best supervisor and mentor one could wish for in all aspects.”

Saroj Prasad Dash

Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience

“He encourages us to think outside the box, to find novelty in what we do, and to build connections and collaborate with others. I am very thankful to witness how passionate he is about spintronics and to be working alongside him.”