All PhD candidates can now nominate their supervisors to the honourable prize : “Supervisor of the Year” .

The prize is a fine academic merit and it will be awarded by the rector at the promotion ceremony in June 2015.

 If you think that your supervisor deserves the prize, send us his/her name together with a motivation letter, recommended 1-3 pages. Please include all students (current and graduated PhD students less than a year) standing for the nomination.

 Due to some technical issues with our previous email id, the deadline is now extended a week until  8th February 2015.

 We encourage you to send in (or send again) your nominations to our new email id:   

After the deadline all nominations will be reviewed by the Doctoral Student Guild (DS). A few candidates will be selected and the students will be interviewed. DS will then recommend to the rector who we think should be the supervisor of the year.