Unfortunately, we have been notified of several discrepancies on vacation between PhD students and their managers. Most of these relate to the right of saving vacation days and at the termination of employment have these paid as money.

The right to vacation is regulated by the Swedish Annual Leave Act but also by centrally negotiated agreements between the trade unions and the university. Information on regulations on vacation at Chalmers can be found here. These rules cannot be constrained by individual agreements nor by decisions at the departmental level.

Remember that vacation is an important time to rest and recover. Plan your vacation together with your supervisor and manager and apply for vacation in Primula. This planning should consider your need to work, for example when you are about to finish your thesis. You are not supposed to work during your vacation. If you have been working – report this as working days. If you have had vacation – report this as a vacation. Except for 20 days per year that you have to take out as vacation, you can save vacation days for another holiday year. If you have saved days at end of contract, you should have these days paid as money.

If you experience discrepancies regarding your vacation and are a member of a trade union, contact your union representative. You can also contact DOMBDOMB helps individual PhD students with problems that may arise in the course of their research or employment. General information on vacation in Sweden can be found here.