Dear members of the Doctoral Student Guild,

The Student Union Board and Chalmers Board of Graduate Students are hereby inviting you to attend an extra General Assembly (GA). This extra meeting is called due to the resignation of the chair and co-chair and will focus on the by-election of an interim chair and co-chair. Nominations from the nomination committee will be presented at the GA. You can contact Gabriel Arslan Waltersson if you are interested in one of the positions.

The General Assembly is the supreme decision-making body of Chalmers Doctoral Student Guild. You can find the preliminary agenda here. No changes have been made to the agenda for the final agenda, so the same document also serves as the final agenda.


  • 22nd of March, 11:45-13:15 (we will make it a point to keep to the time schedule)


  • HA1

Every Ph.D. student at Chalmers has the right to participate and vote in this assembly. Please don’t forget to bring your (valid) student union cards (or have them preloaded on the mecenat app) to be eligible to vote.

The GA is scheduled as a lunch meeting lasting for about an hour, and free lunch will be provided to everyone who registers (link comes later in a separate mail).

The minutes from the previous GA can be found here, and the statutes are available here.

Please forward this invitation to your newest colleagues and encourage them to participate!

Chalmers Student Union through,

David Hedgren, Educational Officer 23/24