This week it is time for Chalmers gender equality study. You will receive a questionnaire, and it is important that you complete it as soon as possible, by October 30, 2011.
The purpose of the survey is to provide a basis for our work to ensure an environment free from all forms of harassment and degrading treatment. The 2005 gender equality survey showed that there were environments and situations that work poorly from the gender perspective. This time we have included questions about some of these situations, partly to see if the measures taken so far have yielded results, but above all, to see where the work needs to be strengthened or the focus changed. A survey in itself is not a measure, but the basis for continued work on an equal environment.

The results will be reported to the nearest manager, with the exception of groups that are so small that reasons of anonymity prohibit it. The results of the survey should then lead to further action in the areas that prove to be important in the current environment.

A few questions at the end of the survey are sensitive and will not be reported in groups of less than 50 persons.

Chalmers collaborates with Synovate on the survey. Synovate guarantees your anonymity and ensures that only Synovate has access to individual responses. You can be assured that your answers are confidential.

If you have an e-mail address at Chalmers, you will complete the survey via a personal link sent in an e-mail message from Synovate.

Note! Your link is personal and you cannot allow a colleague to answer the questionnaire via your link. Remember that your link is a personal document that you may not allow to be accessible to anyone else.

More information on the process of completion can be found in the survey.

The contact person at Chalmers is Johanna Andersson at the Human Resources Department, extension 4917.

If you have any questions about the survey, you can also contact Synovate’s support, at e-mail:, telephone: 08-522 33 100.

Yours sincerely,

Karin Markides