Chalmers is looking  for Ph.D students and  senior researchers to give short presentations during the upcoming “Vetenskapsfestivalen” (International Science Festival) in Gothenburg, 26/4.

There are two types of presentations, both of them approximately 10 min focusing on your research presented to an audience that is most likely not so educated in engineering and natural science which means the research should be presented in a popular scientific way. The two types of presentations are; 1) Science slam, a 10 min presentation/contest in which the audience is the jury. 2) Vetenskaps-rouletten, 10-15 min in the gondolas of the “Göteborgshjulet” at Liseberg, the audience entering the gondola will not know which researcher they will meet.

If you are interested, contact Barbara Lindgren at Communication and Marketing-department at Chalmers as soon as possible to get more information and to book your slot!

This could be a good opportunity to practice presentation-skills and to present in a popular scientific way!