The sole purpose of this extra meeting is to discuss the board’s proposal for new statutes for the Doctoral Student Guild. In the material sent out with this Final notice GA March 2012 you will find a description of the proposed changes. At the meeting the board will make a thorough presentation and there will be time for questions and discussion but also to make a decision.

You can already now start sharing your comments and ideas on the proposal at our new forum. Hopefully this will make the discussion more informed and constructive at the meeting. Note that suggestions made in the forum are NOT automatically regarded as formal propositions at the meeting. That means you need to be physically present at the meeting to propose changes to the document.

The meeting will be held on March 1, at 17.15, in “IT-labbet” in Vasa building 3, floor 4.

Anna Yström
Chairman of the Doctoral Student Guild 2011/2012