Try out the new career planning course for PhD students, 1,5 hp!

Chalmers is doing a pilot version of a course in Career planning for PhD students, 1,5 hp. They are now looking for PhD students who are interested in taking the course during the spring 2012. This first try-out will be run in Swedish, but later on the course will also be given in English. More info can be found in the attached file and below (In Swedish).

Info Karriärplanering för doktorander 1,5 hp

Karriärplanering för doktorander, 1,5 hp

Kursen avser att förse dig med verktyg och strukturer som blir ett stöd för dig att formulera, fokusera på och uppnå karriärmål. För många människor tycks karriärplanering mest röra sig om slumpmässiga händelser utan långsiktiga mål eller strategier – “det råkade bara bli så!”. Om man skall finna tillfredsställelse i såväl privatlivet som arbetslivet är det viktigt att ha klart formulerade planer som utgår från egna behov och önskningar. Planerna måste inkludera kortsiktiga och långsiktiga mål, strategier för att uppnå målen och tidsramar som anger vad och när saker skall göras – en s.k. skriftlig individuell karriärplan.

Take the chance to present your research at Vetenskapsfestivalen (The International Science Festival)?

Chalmers is looking  for Ph.D students and  senior researchers to give short presentations during the upcoming “Vetenskapsfestivalen” (International Science Festival) in Gothenburg, 26/4.

There are two types of presentations, both of them approximately 10 min focusing on your research presented to an audience that is most likely not so educated in engineering and natural science which means the research should be presented in a popular scientific way. The two types of presentations are; 1) Science slam, a 10 min presentation/contest in which the audience is the jury. 2) Vetenskaps-rouletten, 10-15 min in the gondolas of the “Göteborgshjulet” at Liseberg, the audience entering the gondola will not know which researcher they will meet.

If you are interested, contact Barbara Lindgren at Communication and Marketing-department at Chalmers as soon as possible to get more information and to book your slot!

This could be a good opportunity to practice presentation-skills and to present in a popular scientific way!

Welcome to an extra General Assembly of the Doctoral Student Guild on March 1!

The sole purpose of this extra meeting is to discuss the board’s proposal for new statutes for the Doctoral Student Guild. In the material sent out with this Final notice GA March 2012 you will find a description of the proposed changes. At the meeting the board will make a thorough presentation and there will be time for questions and discussion but also to make a decision.

You can already now start sharing your comments and ideas on the proposal at our new forum. Hopefully this will make the discussion more informed and constructive at the meeting. Note that suggestions made in the forum are NOT automatically regarded as formal propositions at the meeting. That means you need to be physically present at the meeting to propose changes to the document.

The meeting will be held on March 1, at 17.15, in “IT-labbet” in Vasa building 3, floor 4.

Anna Yström
Chairman of the Doctoral Student Guild 2011/2012